Board of Trustees

The Plan is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of individuals appointed by the SEIU, CUPE, Unifor and ONA. The Board’s role is to act in the best interests of Plan members while ensuring that the Plan is well managed.


Matt Cathmoir, Chair of the Board of Trustees SEIU

Jim Flynn, Chair of the Audit Committee CUPE

Cathy Carroll, Chair of the Investment Committee SEIU

Chantelle Flowers CUPE

David Cheslock ONA

Mary DeMille Unifor

Tyler Downey SEIU

Tom Fraser SEIU

Marlene Hemmings SEIU

Ricardo McKenzie SEIU

Eulalee Robinson SEIU

Andrew Ward CUPE

Mia Warwick CUPE

Yafet Tewelde SEIU

Alternate Trustees

Kelly Janes Unifor

DJ Sanderson ONA

Valerie Trudeau CUPE

Professional Advisors Retained By The Board

One of the Board’s key responsibilities is to choose experts to help run the Plan. Once it has selected these pension professionals, it’s up to the Board to manage them and monitor their performance and replace them as required.


Eckler Ltd. provides Plan design advice and conducts regular reviews of the Plan’s financial position.


BDO Canada LLP prepares the Plan’s annual financial statements.


CIBC Mellon Global Securities Services Company holds the Plan’s assets.

Investment Consultant

Eckler Ltd. assists with the management of the Plan’s assets, including the development of the investment strategy and the selection and monitoring of investment managers.

Investment Managers

Professional investment management firms invest the Plan’s assets. See “Who manages the Plan” in the Fund and Investments section.


Goldblatt Partners LLP provides legal advice to the Board.