How to join the Plan

Becoming a member of the NHRIPP requires that you work for a contributing employer.  A contributing employer is an employer that has been approved by the Board of Trustees and has signed a collective agreement requiring it to make contributions to the Plan.

If you are a union member and work for an employer who contributes to the NHRIPP, you will join the Plan after you complete the hours required by your collective agreement.  For example, if your collective agreement says you must work 500 hours before you join the Plan, then once you complete your first 500 hours of work, you and your employer must begin contributing to the Plan on your behalf.

If your employer did not contribute to the NHRIPP when you started working for it, when you become a member of the Plan depends on whether you had completed the required hours when your employer started contributing.  For example, if you finished working 500 hours before your employer started contributing, then you become a member of the Plan when your employer starts contributing.  If you didn’t complete the 500 hours until after your employer started contributing, you would join the Plan once you complete the required hours. 

Once you’re an active Plan member, both you and your employer will make pension contributions to the Plan. Your contributions will automatically be deducted from your before-tax wages and sent to InBenefits together with your employer’s contributions.

After we receive your first contributions, you will receive a welcome package from InBenefits. In this package, you will find your member identification number, a list of Frequently Asked Questions and a Designation of Beneficiary form. Please complete and return the beneficiary form to InBenefits as soon as possible.