Employer Responsibilities

Employers are required to remit contributions and provide member information so those contributions may be credited to the appropriate individuals.

Contribution Rates

Employer and employee contribution rates are collectively bargained and remain fixed for the term of the collective agreement. Unlike a single employer Plan, employers which contribute to the NHRIPP are not responsible for any funding shortfall which could arise.  

Remittance Of Contributions

Employers are required to remit monthly contributions to InBenefits as per the terms of the applicable collective agreement. The employer’s payroll may be internal or external as the Plan can support any remittance method selected by an employer.

Providing Information

Employers are required to provide InBenefits with census information upon enrolment, leave information throughout membership and termination information when a member’s employment ends.

The new Employer Portal will provide employers with the option to move more transactions online to save staff time and reduce risk. Required information can be provided through the Employer Portal.

InBenefits is always available to help. Once you become a contributing employer, our staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about the Plan or the Employer Portal.